Tricuspid Valve Vegetation Secondary to Ovarian Cancer Leading to Acute Stroke via Pulmonary Arteriovenous Malformation.

We report a case of non-bacterial thrombotic endocarditis in a 52-year-old woman due to ovarian cancer that was complicated by acute ischemic stroke through pulmonary arteriovenous malformation. Echocardiography showed tricuspid valve vegetation and a positive bubble study that revealed pulmonary arteriovenous malformation in the absence of patent foramen ovale. The patient opted for palliative management and was discharged home with comfort care.
as reported in: Farooqui AA, Ashraf R, D'Ornellas R, Aslam A, Marcelin M, Shetty V. Cureus. 2021 Aug:13(8):e17136. doi: 10.7759/cureus.17136.